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Dragana Kršenković Brković (Montenegro), 2013 April

Dragana Kršenković Brković, a Montenegrin writer, is an author of novels The Atellan Farce and The Lost Seal; story collections The Fire in Alexandria and The Master’s Palace; collection of one-act plays Behind an Invisible Wall; and children’s books – The Secret of a Blue Crystal, The Genie of the Manito Lake, Secret’s Secret, and Musician with a Cylinder and Flower on His Lapel.
She graduated from Faculty of Drama Arts, Department of Dramaturgy, University of Arts, Belgrade, and from Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade.
She obtained MPhil in Literature Studies from Faculty of Philosophy, University of Montenegro.
In recognition of her work, she has been a guest writer in several countries. She won several awards. As well, she spent a year in California and Washington DC as a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow in a Fulbright exchange program, and she was a OeAD research Fellow in Graz. Her work has been translated into English, German, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Russian and Polish language.