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that picture of you and T is SO beautiful, jillian. and maybe an occasional baby sitter would be a nice thing for you both? moms need a break from time to time! i’m around this weekend if you need someone to watch tar.8u&#k230;ibut you’d need to train me first…xo

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I am not surprised that your study was such a suecscs. This is a fantastic web-site. Chronic Pain is exhausting, isolating and frustrating to say the least. Your web-site gives people the opportunity to take control of there pain and reach out to others who are dealing with the same emotions. This Month I am launching my first Lupus-Fibro-Chronic Pain Education & Support Group on. I am creating The Top 20 Most Resourceful Web-sites for my Members. I am definitely adding this site to my List. I also want to plan an entire meeting, devoted to Pain Management. And show the group how to use some of the tools on the site: chronic pain assessment, pain diary, self-management tools, relaxation techniques/tools, and the discussion forums. Thank you for creating such a well designed and helpful web-site. Personally, I have problems w/ Sleep and I found your articles and info on sleep very useful. Keep up the amazing work you do, it is greatly appreciated!

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Thank you for opening this topic for duosissicn. I agree with the answers provided, but the devil is always in the details.Below I use the term caregiver for a medical professional and a social worker/family member, etc.I would be grateful if Drs. Karoly and Newman could fill in a bit more about how to recognize when it will be better to socialize instead of staying home in this specific situation: When others cannot see an injury , they are unforgiving of the behavior or speech that is common to someone who is clinically depressed. Whether it is through body language or tone of speech, people today are quick to take offense if they don\'t feel that you are 100% happy to be involved with them in any way. You are expected to leave your problems at home and that is virtually impossible if you are clinically depressed. It takes time to recover, and even co-workers that normally support you get tired of more than a few havin\' a tough day responses. Especially now, taking those chances may cause more stress instead of help an individual’s depression.So Dr. Newman, how can the patient or the caregiver spot the time to jump into the rat race again? Related questions:Does the trigger for the depression matter?Should the patient confer with the caregiver before making the move themselves?Do you have any suggestions for recovering from a setback if the experience doesn\'t go well?For work, what are your thoughts on a part-time start to work as opposed to an all out fake-it-\'till-ya-make-it run into the fray?Finally, and closest to my heart, is the chronic pain sufferer. I have been in various stages of clinical depression for years. My Primary Care Provider has me fill out the screening sheets, but doesn\'t ever do anything because he believes that my pain situation will always trump my optimism and I have to admit that I agree. However, I understand that Goalistics has a program that takes a deeper look into what a chronic pain patient can do to change their outlook on the future, so maybe that question would be better answered by starting to go through your program.Thank you in advance for any time that you are willing to put into answering my questions. It\'s nice to know that somebody really does care about us enough to devote their time and energy into finding solutions to what can seem to be insurmountable problems.

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It's spokoy how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

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